Lisa Thomas became active in the LGBT community and politics in 2003 when she became a charter member of the Tarrant County Stonewall Democrats, focused on electing progressive thinking candidates to local and state positions.  She cut her political teeth working against the Texas constitutional amendment limiting marriage between a man and a woman. Lisa was appointed to the Fort Worth Human Relations Commission in early 2008 and is currently serving as the Chair.  Since the summer of 2009, she was appointed a member of the Fort Worth Diversity Task Force and was a founding board member of Fairness Fort Worth.


Statewide she has served as a member of the Democratic Party’s Executive Committee as the female representative of the LGBT community and has served as a member of the Equality Texas board, a group that educates the public and lobbies the state legislature about policies and their effect on Texans of all sexual orientations and gender identities/expressions. 


Lisa says that “As a female and a lesbian I have encountered discrimination in the workplace and my personal life.  To overcome the fear and fight the hypocrisy I have become a civil rights advocate and activist.  My hope is that I am helping to make inroads into acceptance in our city and state.”  Ms. Thomas graduated from Texas A&M as a civil engineer and works in the transportation field.  When not working or volunteering, she enjoys time with her partner in their 1914 craftsman bungalow.

Lisa Thomas

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